Mountain Goat Market Mural


If you’re ever in the Mont Eagle area don’t forget to stop by the Mountain Goat Market. They have some killer freshly made sandwiches with quality ingredients. You know its gotta be good if I like it. I’m the pickiest eater alive. Oh yeah, check out the new mural I did for them as well…

Street Art Workshop with SEVEN

Southern Adventist University art students with the artist SEVEN.

I was recently invited to host a 2-day street art workshop at  Southern Adventist University’s art department. It was a lot of fun and I met a bunch of really talented students. I was quite impressed at how fast they were able to pick up the can control techniques I taught them and the art that they were able to produce in such a short amount of time with no prior spray-can art experience.


I recently caught wind of this artist Paul Johnson, who over the course of four years spent his weekends drawing and animating one of the coolest Star Wars fan made projects I have ever seen. What do you get when cross 1980’s anime with Imperials and Rebels from a galaxy far far away?